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Adrion is a student at New Bostin High School who was once John's childhood friend, until the latter's violent reign as the King of New Bostin and subsequent expulsion ended their friendship Adrion has slicked back, spiky yellow hair and kelly green eyes. He was seen wearing black shirt and blue jeans. Personality. He showed to be worried, as seen when he came to warn John of his possible dethroning and how Claire was using him this whole time. Powers and abilities. Adrion didn't display what is and what is his ability capable of Discover more posts about Unordinary Adrion. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. justice-for-rei. Follow. unOrdinary Episode 227. Last episode was crazy, I'm really looking forward to seeing Adrion and John interact. So we start off with a small recap, John went to U-Mart to grab some small stuff and it turns out that Adrion is the cashier; So both John and Adrion are equally shocked to see each.

10 Works in Adrion (unOrdinary) Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. unOrdinary tHiNgS by ICryOverStuffThatDontExistQmQ Fandoms: unOrdinary (Webcomic) Mature; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F, F/M, M/M; Work in Progress; 08 Apr 2021. Tags. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings ; John Doe & Seraphina (unOrdinary) Darren/Leilah (unOrdinary) Blyke. See a recent post on Tumblr from @morgianasan about Unordinary-Adrion. Discover more posts about Unordinary-Adrion. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. morgianasan. Follow. UnOrdinary episode 185 - part 2 . Jeez, how they're even alive!! He basically cut the students in half! A whole massacre . If they lived, that's some near death experience. Just yikes. Poor Claire, she has one of the worst.

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Dear unOrdinary fans. Stop shipping pink hair girl and beam boi. My boi Isen is already making the first mov John was often in the company of two other low-tiers, Adrion and Claire, so Oliver and Co. beat them up as well. One day, near the end of their final year of middle school, both trios were in conflict once again. As per usual, Oliver mocked John for his unwillingness to back down despite his lack of an ability. Oliver decided to add further injury to insult by showing off his own ability by using it to attack John. Before he could fire, however, John suddenly became aware of something.

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  1. Once Claire, John, and Adrion began to attend New Bostin High School, the more aggressive environment of the high school made it the perfect environment for John to gain firsthand knowledge about various abilities. John took on every challenge he possibly could to gain more insight, and despite losing battles constantly, his main objective was to observe and improve his technique with various abilities. Over time, John managed to score his first victory
  2. Nobody paid much attention to John - just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. But John's got a secret past that threatens to bring down the school's whole social order - and much more. Fulfilling his destiny won't be easy though, because there are battles, frenemies and deadly conspiracies around every corner
  3. Adrion (unOrdinary) Kidnapping; Torture; It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better; Original Character(s) Character Death; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Mind Manipulation; Mind Control; Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery; Mind Rape; Humor; Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Recovery; Childhood Memories; Family Secrets; Family Angst; Family Reunions ; Bittersweet Ending; Summary. John goes missing after.

unOrdinary (Webcomic) (2) Include Characters John Doe (unOrdinary) (2) Claire (unOrdinary) (2) Adrion (unOrdinary) (2) Reader (1) Other Character Tags to Be Added (1) Holden (1) Arlo (unOrdinary) (1) Isen (unOrdinary) (1) Seraphina (unOrdinary) (1) Remi (unOrdinary) (1) Include Relationships Adrion & Claire (unOrdinary) (2 Hii Guys!! Welcome to the world of unOrdinary!!!Watch unOrdinary Episode 226 Chapter 232 now available on this channel.Also watch the previous episode of unO..

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  1. Adrion: Oh God here we go. Claire: John is a late bloomer. Claire: which means he used to be a cripple. Claire: and how did he find out about his ability? Adrion: Well you told him originally, and he started actively trying to use it, and finally manifested it in that one fight. Claire: exactly. John: Where are you going with thi
  2. d, a flashback of John sitting alone in the rooftops of New Bostin High School and looking grim is occurring. He is found by Adrion, one of his underlings from when he was King, who hesitates to inform him of something, causing him to become aggressive and almost attack Adrion
  3. An extradimensional being gets bored, as they do. He decides to send a shard, a fragment of his soul to another world. Naturally, it's a world filled with conflict and superpowers. James is a boy with a few too many problems and enough power to equal said problems in number
  4. Adrion (unOrdinary) William Doe; Vaughn (unOrdinary) Keene (unOrdinary) Evie (unOrdinary) Roland (unOrdinary) Elaine (unOrdinary) Rei (unOrdinary) Leilah (unOrdinary) Valerie (unOrdinary) Volcan (unOrdinary) Keon (unOrdinary) Dr. Darren (unOrdinary) Suicide Attempt; Self-Harm; Major Character Injury; Major Original Character(s) Cross-Posted on Wattpad; Summary. Tyrant. Hypocrite. Monster. That.
  5. unORDINARY Chat Fic Fanfiction. This is a chat fic... Yeah thats about it. It has John, Sera, Claire, Remi, Blyke, Isen, and Arlo to begin with and will have characters added later on. #adrion #arlo #blyke #chatfic #isen #john #maybececile #remi #sera #uno #unordinary #webtoo
  6. unOrdinary Episode 227Last episode was crazy, I'm really looking forward to seeing Adrion and John interact • So we start off with a small recap, John went to U-Mart to grab some small stuff and it..
  7. He's not sure how much more he can take. John Doe is the personification of mystery. Little is known about him, but for some reason Arlo is drawn to his carefree attitude and bright smile. Little does he know that John is hiding a dark past that threatens to destroy his life as he knows it

#this took me way too long to make #webtoon #unordinary webtoon #unordinary #uno #uno adrion #uno john #unordinary meme #uno meme #funny memes #meme #line webtoon #uru chan #uruchan. 43 notes. justice-for-rei. Follow. unOrdinary Episode 227. Last episode was crazy, I'm really looking forward to seeing Adrion and John interact. So we start off with a small recap, John went to U-Mart to grab. Sunset, after school Remi and Adrion were now walking out of school. Remi yawns Today was a loong day. I miss my bed.. Adrion smiles Yeah.... Remi glances at him So... you still haven't told me your story.. Hm?. I told you mine. It's only fair that you tell me yours. She adds. I, I g... 34. 0:balloon: Dreamer :balloon: 07/15/19. Unordinary story [part 2] It was silence. It soon got. UnORDINARY Chapter 227: - Page 7. spider chan? what chapter was she in? Edit: i found it nvm yea she has white her and shes not op but how tf u remember that it was like years ago if u read this from the start even if u binged this in one day it was like 200 chapters ago damn unOrdinary (first comic) is a Manga-ish high-school drama webcomic in a world where everyone has superpowers. There's some interesting mysteries to the setting that I have a feeling the author does indeed have answers for. The characters gradually develop in largely plausible ways (with possibly one notable exception that we'll see how the author resolves), and a good range prove more.

I just want to say I love Adrion. this took me way too long to make webtoon unordinary webtoon unordinary uno uno adrion uno john unordinary meme uno meme funny memes meme line webtoon uru chan uruchan. 59 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; towerofgodscreamblogwink. life-is-a-soup-and-im-a-fork . Hello tog fandom, I made something to celebrate tog coming back. unOrdinary: Main: Related Characters. Arlo; Fyora; Ventus; Cecile; Adrion; 17 comments; Leave a comment; You must be logged in to leave comments. Login or sign up today! Rookblonkorules Apr 15, 2021. I dropped the series but I seriously could never connect with this character. Respond to Rookblonkorules Follow . yoaiisart Apr 8, 2021. I don't care what anybody says I love him he's been through. Statistics on the JetPunk quiz Every Character In UnOrdinary. Quizzes . More . Create. en-1. Create Account. Login. About JetPunk. About Us. Contact Us. JetPunk Premium. JetPunk SVG Guide . Data and Facts.

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Every Character In UnOrdinary. Can you name every known character mentioned in Webtoon's UnOrdinary? All characters must have a known name. Sorted by appearance in the story . Quiz by rg1227. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Rate: Nominate. Nominated. Spotlight. Last updated: May 5, 2020. More quiz info >> First submitted: April 27, 2020: Times taken: 249: Report this quiz: Report: Quiz. unOrdinary one-shots apologies // jaire (angsty) annalycheee. Claire visits John after a much needed phone call with Seraphina. Dedicated to mac, who needs to stop robbing me. - 。。+゜゜。。+゜゜。。+゜゜。。+ Empty Classroom, Wellston High, Afterschool John sat at a table, soaking up his own misery. The only sound in the room was the small ping for every point earned on Flappy. Arlo (unOrdinary) Elaine (unOrdinary) Claire (unOrdinary) Adrion (unOrdinary) Leilah (unOrdinary) Suicide Attempt; Cross-Posted on Wattpad; Summary. 4 Months. That was the last time anyone ever saw John. Blyke has moved back to his dorm, Claire and Adrion have transferred to Wellston Private High School, Seraphina's treatment to get her ability back was a success, and everyone doing what they.

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A character page for the UnOrdinary webcomic series. Click here for the two main characters Main Characters. Aerith and Bob: The setting features characters with normal names, such as John, Elaine and Terrence, as well as entirely fictional names, such as Krolik, Blyke, and Broven. Differently Powered Individual: Similar to My Hero Academia. Adrion (unOrdinary) Meili (unOrdinary) Cecile (unOrdinary) Smut; Fluff; ships; Request in comments; Angst; Light Angst; Summary. These one shots consist of all the ships in unOrdinary. But I am sorry to say, that I can not ship John with Cecile. I am personally against that ship. I am not that good at writing smut of fluff, so don't expect it to be really good. Requests: CLOSED. Language. unOrdinary is a webcomic created by uru-chan in May 2016, exploring the trials and tribulations of super powered students at an elite private school. The first season consists of 155 chapters, and season two continues from chapter 156 onward. A 2-chapter flashback/ side story focusing on the school exploits of former student Rei takes place between the two seasons About UnOrdinary Voice Over (Set II) Hello everyone! The following casting call is for a fandub of the the Webcomic unOrdinary which can be found on Webtoons. This project has been in the works for around a year and we would love to add new voices to the mix. We are currently looking for voice actors and actresses to fill the rest of our cast I just want to say I love Adrion. 67 notes Apr 30th, 2021. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Anonymous asked: Is it possible for you to do hcs of Zirian having a crush on a low-tier in his class? You can say no if you don't want to . he's a bit like Arlo in the way he runs the school; at first he would be a bit weirded out at himself that he would have a crush on.

UnOrdinary Chapter 181 Review-Adrion is a sweet baby boy. Also proof that not everyone treated John like trash, which is nice-They all look so adorable with each other. It's nice to see John seemingly enjoying himself since it's been a long time -John always seemed to have anger issues. Either that, or unlike other low tier parents, William never taught John about the world and how it acts. Follow/Fav UnOrdinary: Of Royals And Embers. By: afyansnwkhn. In the aftermath of the UnOrdinary Season One finale. John has succeeded in throwing the school into chaos. Remi battles with her will to keep fighting. Arlo isn't just going to lay down as John destroys his hierarchy. And Sera is heartbroken. On top of it all a new student arrives with mysterious connections that lead to Ember.

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unOrdinary one-shots what ifs. annalycheee. Are Seraphina's highlights blonde or lime-green? What does John's dad look like with un-gelled hair? Does Arlo have siblings? Is Remi's name just 'Rei' with an 'm' in it? What if Arlo actually befriended John? Is John from New Bostin, Texis? (Yes I spelled Texas with an 'i' for a reason} Will this book get views? (I hope) Did Seraphina already reach. UnOrdinary is a superhero webcomic published by Line's comic website, Webtoon, and created by Uru-Chan. Contents. 1 Synopsis; 2 Bad Qualities; 3 Good Qualities; 4 Comments; Synopsis. John Doe, a bullied teenager, possesses unthinkable powers and abilities. But John's got a secret past of how he was treated as a cripple for no reason from his tormentors. Bad Qualities. It rips off Marvel's X. unOrdinary 18+ is a sexual, action-packed fanfiction of the popular Webtoon, unOrdinary, which is owned by uru-chan. I do not own any of the characters from unOrdinary except those created by me in unOrdinary 18+. Almost all images have been edited but originally belong to uru-chan unless they were drawn by others, who will receive proper credit. Although not required, I highly recommend you Follow/Fav unOrdinary: The Loyal Kingsman. By: Serwalt. A new student enters Wellston High! Events will change, relationships will form, and secrets will uncover. (Note: Chapter 1 will start at the events around Episode 12.) (Another Note: I do not own unOrdinary. unOrdinary is made by the creator, uru-chan. All of the characters in unOrdinary belong to her. All credit belongs to her as well. Casting Call Club - Create voice work, casting calls, and audio projects. Audition for voiceover roles and find voice actors. [CANCELLED] UnOrdinary Fan Du

Adrion (unOrdinary) Alternate Universe - Time Travel; Time Travel; jeraphina; new bostin era; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; royals might show up; Maybe - Freeform; not sure; sera just wants to save john; Accidental Time Travel; malfunctioning ability; episode 211; episode 211 spoilers; Summary. Starts chapter 211 so spoilers. Seraphina has reached her limit and knows she can't sit. Even at her emotional height, she only ever interacted really with three people: John He is a student attending Wellston High School as a third-year student. Digidestined39 5,826 views. Hanging out with Seraphina (formerly)Trying to destroy the safe house John Doe is the main villainous protagonist of UnOrdinary. I could stand it for five episodes, but it just dragged on and on! Long before. Unordinary 84. Nobody paid much attention to John - just a normal teenager at a high school where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. But John's got a secret past that threatens to bring down the school's whole social order - and much more. Fulfilling his destiny won't be easy though, because there are battles. Unordinary episode 181. Livestock 1. All Live Fish - Pick up in store; Aussie Natives - Pick up in store; Barbs - Pick up in store; Betta - Pick up in store; Brackish - Pick up in store; Livestock 2. Cichlids Malawi - Pick up in store; Danios - Pick up in store; Discus - Pick up in store; Catfish - Pick up in store ; Goldfish - Pick up in store; Livestock 3. Loaches and Eels - Pick up in store. Unordinary 185 Unordinary 18

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  1. (also, slight note. your brain is so big and thank u for making such a wonderful blog. unordinary can be very complex but i always enjoy your commentary & analyzation of it. much love!! <3) aww thank you <333. 2 notes · View notes. annalycheee · 21 days ago. Text. one of my favorite headcanons for elaine is that's she's a country girl who moved to the city for highschool but she actually.
  2. See what Adrion Smeby (adrionsmeby) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas
  3. Unordinary 153 Chapter 153 UnOrdinary Wikia Fando . ALRIGHT JOKER! COME AND GET ME!. - Remi This is the 153rd episode of unORDINARY. 1 Summary 2 Appearing Characters 3 Appearing Abilities 4 Navigation After failing to negotiate with John from the night before, Remi had only one day to prepare her battle against the Joker
  4. The Harrell family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Seraphina Nayleigh Harrell Seraphina Nayleigh Harrell died July 15th, 2020, at Boston Children's Hospital following a combination of complications from a needed surgery and infection. Seraphina Harrell Death - Dead: A great loss was made known.
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Rick Adrion; We describe an effort to design an adaptable framework for teaching and learning in software engineering. We are developing a repository of asynchronous, multimedia courseware that. Unordinary episode 181. Welcome Back Continue with: Facebook. Github. or. Forgot Password. Login. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Welcome to Hackr.io Signup to submit and upvote tutorials, follow topics, and more. Continue with: Facebook. Github. or. Unordinary episode 181 Minimum 6 characters. 1 Family 1.1 William H. Doe 2 Wellston Private High School 2.1 Seraphina 2.2 Arlo 2.3 Cecile 2.4 Remi 2.5 Blyke 2.6 Isen 2.7 Elaine 2.8 Doctor Darren 2.9 Terrence 3 New Bostin High School 3.1 Claire 3.2 Adrion 4 References William H. Doe is the author of Unordinary, and dedicated said book to his son, John. He is the man responsible for helping John get back on his feet and teaching his son.

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Read unOrdinary - Chapter 232 - A brief description of the manga unOrdinary: In a world where most people have had innate abilities since childhood, in a world where your social status depends only on the level of your strength, everyone knows their place in the local hierarchy. This is manifested at all levels of society. Thus, there is a stric Webtoon unordinary characters Read 3 more new episodes in the program! Scan the QR code to download the WEBTOON app in the App Store or Google Play. Episode 213 Jan 13, 2021 like94,307 #219 Episode 212 Jan 6, 2021 like99,999+ #218 Episode 211 Dec 30, 2020 like99,999+ #217 Episode 210 Dec 23, 2020 like99,999+ #216 Episode 209 Dec 16, 2020 like99,999+ #215 Episode 208 Dec 9, 2020 like99,999. Level. Ever wondered if you had what it takes to save the world? -UnOrdinary Ability Generator- [Daily Change] This is based of UnOrdinary. Your super power is flying! Control Machines. At Agwin High, power means everything. Can you name every known character mentioned in Webtoon's UnOrdinary? What was his tactic? (With Internet Quizzes.) 30 seconds . This is my first quiz. Do you read. Select Page. unordinary ability qui

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Remi. 1 Adrion . 3 See all characters Staff. uru-chan. Author. Apache/1.3.41 Server at web.mit.edu Port 8 Unordinary and this are about the only two stories to show a girl rescuing a guy. Both Bell and John are much more than they seem and house some secrets even they don't know. Both are set in fantasy worlds loosely based in reality. Both appear to be the weakest and most ordinary figures. Unordinary 153 Chapter 153 UnOrdinary Wikia Fando . ALRIGHT JOKER! COME AND GET ME!. - Remi This is the 153rd episode of unORDINARY. 1 Summary 2 Appearing Characters 3 Appearing Abilities 4 Navigation After failing to negotiate with John from the night before, Remi had only one day to prepare her battle against the Joker

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Unordinary webtoon fastpass Pacemaker for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Pick your tracks or playlist from Spotify or iTunes and let our AI DJ help you create a masterpiece Unordinary episode 181. Unordinary episode 18

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